Thursday, July 06, 2006

Methodical madness: Do what makes sense to you

You hear me (okay read my stuff...and I hope regularly at that) on the Business of running a successful business. I rant on and on:-

  • manage Customer Interactions well,
  • give Customers real choices (not in Henry Ford's Model T style),
  • and make Customers feel they are in control, to convert them into staunch advocates...
(You might want to jog your memory from the following: CRM (Re) Defined, Customers have choices, and my (hopefully by now) famous "..the thought - business of the customers, by the customers, for the customers - shall never perish from your mind" from Work Force Management: Business Impact)

Weird thoughts, you might say.

Then I hear Seth Godin on the subject of Weirdness (It's not weird when it's your weirdness). Seth says it all, when he mentions the keyword believe (and he does not play golf..).

I believe it's all about doing what makes sense to you - which in turn should be what makes sense to your customers. Then never mind whether it appears as madness to the non-believers.

And finally, I think most of the time this 'weirdness' stems from the overzealous 'increase the specialization at any cost' syndrome - you want to be one up, you want to differentiate, you want a punchline in your promo - never mind whether the customers want it or not. To that extent it is not a science! It is a mere reaction, a reaction to your competitor's offering.

But if you do what you do, because it makes sense to you, with a clear reasoning - then of course it is a science.... or maybe not! Maybe it's an art as well as a science. And what makes sense to your customers will only make sense to you if you believe in what I believe - else it's my 'weirdness'.

So my advice to you Business Leaders is - Go create a chaos, a systematic chaos- by doing the right things for your business!!


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