Thursday, June 07, 2007

Communications Enabling Business Processes

Alexander Graham Bell. Some of you might recall the name. He unleashed a revolution, making all of us take communications for granted. We cannot imagine a world without a telephone of some sorts - be it your desk phone, home phone, mobile phone, a soft phone on your laptop, or even Skype.

We cannot imagine how business would have been conducted, or at what speed would it have been conducted, but for the phenomenal device known as the telephone that made its advent on this human inhabited space in 1876.

For most of us, this profound 'enablement' of business by the communications technology has been both phenomenal and sufficient. But not any more. With innovations happening all round us in the field of communications, there is yet another phenomenon we all must now witness.

Welcome Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP). Originally attributed to Gartner, and subsequently developed into meaningful Business solutions by Avaya

The human factor has been, and will continue to remain, an inseparable ingredient of any efficient, effective and flexible business process. But the human factor also introduces latencies into the processes. Using automation has been an alternative but never a completely satisfactory solution. By replacing the human factor you may remove the latency, but you cannot introduce enough artificial intelligence to compensate for the resulting loss of effectiveness, flexibility and innovation.

The uniqueness of CEBP lies in its ability to interpret vast streams of data (which is what technology is good at doing) to identify 'events' of interest. These in turn 'trigger' - based on the business process you define - appropriate communications flows within the enterprise to then bring in the right stakeholders together. Thus the human factor is back in the process at just the right time, the latencies of the process having been written off.

We have had process enabled communications for a while (what with a lot of 'call flows' and 'scripting languages' and the likes) but this is time for communications to start enabling processes - Business Processes as a matter of fact.

All it requires is the right motivation, the right technology (either existing or planned), the right partner with the consulting skills and the right executive sponsorship from within the enterprise.
If you are a business leader who happened to stumble on this post, and if you are looking for opportunities of making revolutionary changes to your business processes, I encourage you to consider CEBP as the magic wand.

For more information, visit The Intelligent Communicator Newsletter: CEBP Solutions Slash Latency.

You won't be disappointed.


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